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Erick Hovey:  Down on The Farm with Blues, Americana, Jazz, and Roots Rock

Erick HoveyBy day, he drives a tractor, working his tranquil farm, by night he picks an electric guitar. Aside from being a farmer, American Midwesterner Erick Hovey is a complete and exciting musician with a rootsy, modern blues sound. With his four releases and live performances, Erick has firmly entrenched himself as an outstanding guitarist, a poetic sensible composer, and a superb lyricist with a clever sense of life reality. Erick Hovey is undoubtedly one of a kind, a player who celebrates the virtues of space, time and presence. He is comfortable on all grounds of roots traditional music like blues, swing, country, pop, and Americana. There's a signature sound at play here, a discernable voice of rich tones and texures, sweet melodies, expressive phrasing, real feel, and always the blues. Fans have no trouble instantly connecting with Erick’s unique, free laidback style.

What People Are Saying about Erick Hovey:

Midwestern alt-bluesman Erick Hovey’s music is raw, honest and very fluid. This is some of the most unique blues that I have heard in some time.  

- Bob Rice / Crossroads on KYRS / Spokane, WA

Blues guitarist, very personal, who mixes rock and roots, with strong influences by JJ Cale, Eric Clapton and Larry Carlton: that is soul, style and technique. Erick Hovey’sNon è al primo disco, ne ha già alcuni alle spalle, ma la sua musica è, a suo modo, orginale, diretta e piacevole. music is original, direct and pleasant.

- Caru / Gallarate, Italy

Erick Hovey’s songwriting abilities are amazing to say the least and the delivery is fresh and compares to no other. It was like finding that "rare blues pearl" in a sea of sound alike blues songs. This music is the injection the blues needs.  Absolutely a grasp on what the blues is all about.

- Rocket 88 FM 

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